Highland Pointe Highland Pointe

  • How can I rent the Highland Pointe clubhouse?
    To rent the Highland Pointe Clubhouse, contact the office by email atoffice@highlandpointe.orgor call 770-973-0259.
  • How do I sign up to receive Highland Pointe broadcast emails?
    Point your browser to our home page,http://highlandpointe.org and click on the link at the bottom that reads, Click here to receive Highland Pointe Broadcast emails.
    Note that the Highland Pointe clubhouse can only be rented by HPRA and permanent HOA members for their own events. An HPRA or permanent HOA member is not allowed to rent the clubhouse on behalf of anyone else. Other restrictions may apply.
  • What are Highland Pointe's amenities?
    The quality of its facilities and amenities is the main reason many residents choose Highland Pointe as their home.
    There are walking trails throughout the neighborhood and along the side of Sweat Mountain. The trails is comprised of some steep portions that takes you past some nice views (on the forest trail and through wooded areas. A complete hike takes about an hour if you take your time.
    The Recreation Facilities include a large pool, four tennis courts, and the lower level of the clubhouse.
    The lower level of the clubhouse includes an exercise facility with weight, stair and rowing machines, treadmill, elliptical, and showers. The upper level of the clubhouse has spacious men and women's restrooms, a complete kitchen, and a large meeting room, including a stereo, CD/DVD player, and satellite television.
  • What are Homeowner membership dues used for?
    Homeowner membership dues cover the upkeep cost of the grounds to include entrances, dams, children's playground, walkways and trails. It also covers maintenance of the upper level clubhouse which is open for rental to all HOA members for receptions, parties and other events.
  • What are the benefits of becoming a Recreation Member?
    Recreation membership entitles members of the household to use of the pool and tennis courts. It also includes use of the exercise facility and steam room in the lower level of the clubhouse.
  • What are the benefits of Permanent Homeowner membership?
    In addition to their obvious commitment to the support of our community, Permanent Homeowner members are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors and vote in Association matters. They also receive a substantial discount on Recreation membership.
  • What does it cost to become a member?
    *Permanent HOA dues are $327 per year
    *Voluntary Recreation dues are $415 per year
    *HOA/Permanent HPRA dues are $653 per year
  • What is meant by Permanent Homeowner membership?
    Property owners associated with Permanent Homeowner membership are bound by their covenants to renew their Homeowner membership annually. Because covenants are associated with the property itself, subsequent owners of the property automatically become Permanent Homeowner members.
  • What is meant by Voluntary Homeowner membership?
    All property owners other than Permanent Homeowner members are considered Voluntary members. Voluntary members choose to renew their membership each year.
  • What is the Highland Pointe Recreation Association?
    Highland Pointe Recreation Association is a non-profit organization made up Highland Pointe residents.
  • What is the HPRA Board of Directors?
    The Board of Directors is a group of nine volunteers who commit to a two years term, devoting their free time for our community. The board meets every month, usually at the clubhouse. Residents are welcome to attend and bring up community related issues for discussion.
    Board member elections are held in November of each year. Approximately half the board positions are elected each time, so there are always experienced board members remaining with each new class.
  • What levels of membership are available?
    There are two levels of membership, Homeowner and Recreation. In turn, there are two types of Homeowner membership, Permanent and Voluntary.
  • Where else can I find information about Highland Pointe?
    If you can't find the information you are looking for in the Pipeline or on the website, you can also call the office at 770-973-0925 or contact a board member.
  • Who is eligible to be a member of the association?
    Membership is only available to residents of Highland Pointe.