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Highland Pointe tennis community is vibrant and active, enjoying lit, 4-court facilities with newly resurfaced courts (2015), new nets (2016) and an updated electrical system (2016). 
Congratulations are in order!
Highland Pointe Fall ALTA Sunday Women’s teams had an amazing season with 3 teams winning their respective divisions – A5 captained by Melissa Juburg/ co-captain Ann Trevino, C1 captained by Michelle Vientos/ co-captain Liz Horner and C6 captained by Ashley Taylor/ co-captain Leslie Ball. (bold – out of Highland Pointe)
Congratulations to the C1 team went on to win the ALTA City Finals!
Highland Pointe Tennis Overview:
Featuring 4 lighted tennis courts, Highland Pointe in Marietta has a very active tennis community, with folks of all ages and skill levels playing on a number of teams within and across the seasons, as well as individually on leagues  for personal fitness and fun.  For questions on how to connect with team captains, thoughts to form a new team or any other suggestions, please contact tennis@highlandpointe.org.
Currently in progress, with season ending Feb. 18th and playoffs starting Feb. 24th:
Winter (Jan – Feb)
~ Senior Mixed Doubles B3  (45 years+)
~ Mixed Doubles B3
~ Mixed Doubles C1
~ USTA 3.0 Women
Teams pretty well set up with Spring play starting March 15, 2018 (please note levels not finalized):
Spring (March – May)
~ Tuesday Senior Women B5 (55 years+)
~ Thursday Women B6
~ Saturday Men B8
~ Sunday Women A3
~ Sunday Women B3
~ Sunday Women B6
~ Sunday Women C5
Summer registration ends April 9, 2018 (last year’s levels shown):
Summer (June – Aug)
~ Thurs Eve Senior Women B4 (45 years+)
~ Mixed Doubles B1
~ Mixed Doubles C1
~ USTA 3.0 Women
Registration ends July 6!
Fall (Sept – Nov)
~ Tuesday Senior Women mid-B (55 years+)
~ Thursday Women mid-B
~ Saturday Men low-B
~ Sunday Women mid-A
~ Sunday Women high-B
~ Sunday Women low-B
~ Sunday Women mid-C
Tennis Socials!!!
As an HPRA member, you are also invited to join in on round-robin format tennis socials which usually take place 2 times a year.  All skill levels welcome, just bring a racquet and good court shoes and get ready to get some exercise and have lots of fun.
If you’re interested in any of the above, need more information or would like to inquire about starting a new team, please email tennis@highlandpointe.org.
Check out the calendar for our upcoming events!