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Membership Renewals Due for 2018-2019

It’s time to renew your Highland Pointe Homeowner and Recreation memberships.  Your commitment of $298.00 towards a Homeowners (HPHOA) membership supports the maintenance of the entrances, trails, lakes and walkways.  The Highland Pointe facilities are some of the finest in East Cobb.   We also offer many social and recreational events throughout the year, as well as holiday celebrations for your whole family.   Your membership to the Recreation Association (HPRA) allows our community to grow and continue to be a great place to live and play!  Thank you to the 250 + homes who have invested in Highland Pointe’s future by becoming Permanent Recreation (HPRA).  Your combined HOA and HPRA dues are $630. If you are a Permanent HOA member, your recreation dues are $415.00 so your combined HOA and HPRA dues are $713.  

Invoices for the 2018- 2019 year will be mailed April 1st.  If you do not receive yours, please contact the office. If you are a new recreation member or you have requested an additional card, your card(s) will be ready for you to pick up at the clubhouse  during the Spring Fling on April 21st from 3:00 pm-6:00 pm. .  You may also bring your payment to the clubhouse on the 21st.


All Access Cards Have to be Reprogrammed
Yes, you read that correct! Currently, no access cards work! We will just call it the cost of doing improvements! Highland Pointe is installing security cameras and combining the "brains" of the security system with the card reader system. We need to physically have the card in hand and reprogram it ONE BY ONE.
If you did not make it to the Reprogramming party, you can drop your cards in the HP mailbox. On the envelope, please put your name, address and the 5 numbers that are separated on the access card.
ie: 13819 25021626A or 25021626A 13819. The 5 numbers required are 13819.  This may take a week or so to get everyone's updated as there are over 800 working access cards.
We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. Progress doesn't always go smoothly at first!