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What is Architectural Control?
Architectural control in Highland Pointe is specified by the covenants to which all homeowners are bound, regardless of whether or not the homeowner is an association member. If you plan to make any changes to your property that are visible to one or more neighbors,even if you are not an association member, you are still bound by your covenants to have those changes approved by the Architectural Control Committee (ACC).
What Constitutes a Property Change?
The following constitute changes to your property.
Building an addition onto your home.
Adding a retaining wall or terracing.
Extending your driveway.
Replacing your deck with one of a different design.
Changing the color of your home.
Adding a fence of any type.
Changing the landscaping, especially hard-scapes.
Installing a satellite dish.
The following do not constitute a change to your property:
Remodeling the inside of your home.
Replacing a retaining wall or terracing with one of identical design.
Repairing your driveway.
Replacing your deck with one of an identical design.
Repainting your home, using the same color.
Repairing a fence.
Rule of thumb:If you are not making substantial changes to your home (same color, landscaping, etc.), you do not need approval.
Architectural Control Committee
The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is the Highland Pointe Board of Directors, headed up by a chairman, the ACC Chairman. While the following lists are by no means complete, they should give you a better idea of what constitutes a change to your property.
If you are changing your property, you must submit an Architectural Change Request along with the appropriate paperwork to the ACC. Passage of the request is basically a matter of getting signed approval from any neighbors who can see the changes.
How to Request ACC Approval?
The process for requesting ACC approval of a change is formally outlined in your covenants. Heres the short version.
Download and complete the Architectural Change Request form (see the policies and forms section of the web site for a Microsoft Word version), or request a copy from the Highland Pointe office.
Provide a sketch/drawing of the proposed changes. You may submit copies of drawings provided by an architect/builder, or you may draw a rendering yourself. The only requirement is that it clearly communicates the extent of the changes to the ACC.
Using the Neighbor Notification page of the Architectural Change Request, or something similar to it as a guideline, obtain signatures from each neighbor with line of sight visibility to the changes. These signatures are not for approval purposes. Rather they provide proof that your neighbors are aware of the changes.
Submit the above paperwork to the ACC either directly at a board meeting (see the online event calendar) or by delivering the information to the Highland Pointe mailbox, located just outside the entrance to the clubhouse.
Questions? Email acc@highlandpointe.org