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  • chevron_rightHow can I rent the Highland Pointe clubhouse?
    To rent the Highland Pointe Clubhouse, please check the calendar on the website to see if your date is available.  If it is, please complete the relevant rental forms (found here) and write 2 checks (first one for the rental amount and the second one for the deposit).  Put all forms and checks in the HP mailbox at 3750 Club House Ct.  If you have any questions, please contact the Clubhouse Chair at clubhouse@highlandpointe.org
    Note that the Highland Pointe clubhouse can only be rented by HPRA and Permanent HOA members for their own events. An HPRA or permanent HOA member is not allowed to rent the clubhouse on behalf of anyone else. Other restrictions may apply.
  • chevron_rightHow do I request a closing document?
    Please send an email to office@highlandpointe.org to request a closing document. 
  • chevron_rightHow do I sign up to receive Highland Pointe broadcast emails?
    Click here to be redirected to the email subscription page. Only residents of Highland Pointe can sign up for the email list, you must have an account and be logged in to subscribe through this site.
    Alternatively, you can contact our Media Chair with your name and address at media@highlandpointe.org to be added to our email list. 
  • chevron_rightHow do I get an access keycard?
    Each Highland Pointe Recreation Association member is entitled to one access keycard for the pool, tennis courts, and lower clubhouse free of charge. Additional cards may be purchased for $25 each. Access keycards are kept each year and homeowners that sell their homes are expected to transfer their keycards to the new homeowners upon closing. If you are new to Highland Pointe and did not receive a keycard when you closed on your HPRA membership home or you want to join HPRA and need an access keycard, you will need to reach out to our Membership Director. For all keycard requests, please contact membership@highlandpointe.org.
  • chevron_rightWhat are Highland Pointe's amenities?
    Highland Pointe offers many outstanding amenities for residents to enjoy, the quality and variety set Highland Pointe apart and these amenities provide one of the main reasons residents choose to call this neighborhood home.
    Here is what Highland Pointe has to offer:
    • Two lakes with catch and release fishing
    • A 2.5 mile walking trail throughout the neighborhood, including up the side of Sweat Mountain and around the South Lake by the clubhouse
    • An Olympic sized pool with a diving area
    • Four well-lit and newly resurfaced tennis courts
    • Two level clubhouse: The upper level is a recently renovated event space available for HOA/HPRA members to rent and has an open floor plan, full kitchen, bathrooms, seating area, deck overlooking the pool, AV equipment, grill, and banquet chairs/tables if needed. The lower level has a gym with free weights, weight machines, a bike and treadmill; sauna; and bathrooms with a changing area and showers.
    • Playground
    • Multi-use field
    • Basketball goal
    • Sidewalks throughout the neighborhood
    *Please note that access to some amenities is limited to Highland Pointe Recreation Association members only. 
  • chevron_rightHow do I reserve a tennis court?
    Only Highland Pointe Recreation Association (HPRA) members may use and reserve tennis courts. To reserve a court, create an account with www.reservemycourt.com or alternatively use the RMC2020 app on your smart device. The admin will approve you shortly and then you will be able to reserve a court and start playing. Families are limited to 3 reservations a week and tennis rules prohibit residents from reserving courts for individuals outside of their family unit. Contact tennis@highlandpointe.org for any questions.
  • chevron_rightWhat levels of membership are available?
    There are two levels of membership, Highland Pointe Homeowner Association (HPHOA) and Highland Pointe Recreation Association (HPRA). In turn, there are two types of HPHOA membership, Permanent and Voluntary. Permanent HPHOA membership allows members to voluntarily join HPRA; otherwise, HPRA membership is permanent.
  • chevron_rightWhat is meant by Permanent HOA membership?
    Property owners associated with Permanent HOA or HPRA membership are bound by Highland Pointe covenants to renew their membership annually. Because covenants are associated with the property itself, subsequent owners of the property automatically become Permanent HOA or HPRA members.
  • chevron_rightWhat are the benefits of Permanent HOA membership?
    In addition to their obvious commitment to the support of our community, permanent HOA members are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors and vote in Association matters. They are also allowed to voluntarily join Highland Pointe Recreation Association (HPRA) for access to amenities such as the pool, tennis courts, and clubhouse; however, at a higher rate than permanent HPRA members.
    Permanent HPRA members receive a substantial discount on Recreation membership which allows them to access the pool, tennis courts, and clubhouse. In addition, these members are allowed to attend the numerous social events Highland Pointe hosts throughout the year. Permanent HOA members can transfer their property to permanent HPRA at any time (Recreation dues will be prorated according to the remainder of the annual dues year), please contact office@highlandpointe.org.
    Please note, in order to have access to Highland Pointe's amenities, residents must be either permanent HOA or HPRA. Voluntary HOA members cannot voluntarily join HPRA.
    For questions regarding membership levels please contact membership@highlandpointe.org.
  • chevron_rightWhat is meant by Voluntary HOA membership?
    All property owners other than Permanent HOA/HPRA members are considered voluntary members. Voluntary members choose to renew their membership each year. These members do not have access to amenities such as the pool, tennis courts, and clubhouse. Voluntary members also are not allowed to vote on the covenants even though they are still bound by them. If potential homebuyers wish to buy a voluntary membership home, they will be subject to a $3,000 initiation fee to become Association members, the only exception being if the home is deeded as HOA deferred. Contact membership@highlandpointe.org for questions.
  • chevron_rightWhat are Homeowner Association (HOA) membership dues used for?
    HOA dues cover the upkeep cost of the grounds to include entrances, dams, children's playground, walkways, and trails. It also covers insurance, utilities in common areas, and maintenance of the upper level clubhouse which is open for rental to all current HOA members for receptions, parties, and other events. It also allows members to vote on the neighborhood covenants to which they are bound.
  • chevron_rightWhat are the benefits of becoming a Recreation Association (HPRA) Member?
    HPRA membership entitles members of the household to use the pool, tennis courts, exercise facility, and sauna in the lower level of the clubhouse and the funds cover maintenance of these areas. It also has the benefit of a discounted rental rate of the upper clubhouse as well as the ability to vote on covenants to which all Highland Pointe residents are bound. Participation on tennis teams and summer swim team is contingent upon recreation membership. 
  • chevron_rightWhat does it cost to become a member?
    Membership Dues for May 2021-April 2022:
    Voluntary HOA:  $370  (Voluntary members cannot pay Voluntary HPRA)
    Permanent HOA:  $370  (Permanent HOA members can pay Voluntary HPRA for an additional $410—Total due $780)
    Permanent HPRA:  $710
  • chevron_rightWho is eligible to be a member of the association?
    HOA membership is only available to residents of Highland Pointe. HPRA membership is available to residents of Highland Pointe as well as residents of Highland Ridge Estates, Wigley Preserve, and Mountain Creek Estates. 
  • chevron_rightWhat is the HPRA Board of Directors?
    The Board of Directors is a group of eleven volunteers who commit to a two years term, devoting their free time to our community. The board meets every month, usually at the clubhouse. Residents are welcome to attend and bring up community related issues for discussion. Board member elections are held in November of each year. Approximately half the board positions are elected each time, so there are always experienced board members remaining with each new class. To reach out to the board, email board@highlandpointe.org.
    The Highland Pointe Board of Directors is made up of the following positions:
    Vice President