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Realtors/Potential Homeowners

Are you a realtor with a client interested in Highland Pointe or thinking of buying yourself? Here's a helpful checklist to get you started:
  • Discover our numerous amenities (descriptions can be found for each amenity under the amenities tab on the homepage).
  • Check the membership status of the property you are interested in. Highland Pointe has different levels of HOA membership that determine what access you have to each of the amenities. Please make sure the property you are planning to buy allows you to enjoy amenities that are important to you. Access to the pool, tennis courts, and lower clubhouse gym and sauna as well as most social events requires HPRA membership. Voluntary membership properties that are not HOA deferred will incur a one time $3,000 initiation fee to transfer to HPRA. For questions regarding membership or to check the status of a property, please reach out to membership@highlandpointe.org. Annual Dues for 2024 - 2025 range between $461.00 and $920.00 depending on the membership level of the property and any additional fees associated with the lot for sale. 
  • Any noticeable changes to the exterior of your home require ACC approval. Covenants that dictate what is acceptable or not can be found here. For any questions about the ACC approval process, send an email to acc@highlandpointe.org.
  • Click here for a community disclosure form. (coming soon)